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Bundy Ranch Valued at 29.6 M, County Agreed to Sell for 4.5 for Chinese Solar Plant via America C2C

A lot of different theories floating around on the real reason for this Federal land grab. Water, Fracking, solar plant, save the desert tortoise. Which is correct. Regardless this is a government run amuck and trampling on American citizens. Who’s … Continue reading

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The hypocrisy of politicians knows no bounds!

Politicians of all parties are basically the same. Hipocrits, liars and power hungry, self serving, tyranical bastards. There are very few exceptions to the rule. H/T Socialism is not the Answer California State Senator Leland Yee arrested by FBI Leland … Continue reading

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A new website is up annd running, New York Liberty News.

A new liberty website for New York State is now up and running at: http://www.NewYorkLibertyNews.com This site is designed similar to the national and international Liberty website, http://www.LibertyNewsOnLine.com, except that the emphasis for the new site will be on constitutional … Continue reading

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