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Krauthammer: Obama sprinkled a trillion dollars on “cronies and pie in the sky ideological fetishes”

  What have we gotten for all of Obama’s spending. Absolutely nothing but a lot of debt. An accurate description of Obama’s jobs “focus.” Can we stand four more years of economic suicide? Follow us, donate and help us stay … Continue reading

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Humpty O’Dumpty’s economy is broken

Kudlow describes how Obama’s micro managing of the economy has failed. Record spending, record deficits and record debt have given us record food stamp rolls, persistent long term unemployment, slowing growth, falling home prices and higher gas and food prices. … Continue reading

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Environmentally Killing America!

“If I wanted America to fail” The environmental agenda has been infected by extremism—it’s become an economic suicide pact. And we’re here to challenge it. On Earth Day, visit http://www.freemarketamerica.org.

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