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Brace yourself for another government clusterf%$k

It appears that congress (house and senate) has learned absolutely nothing after Obamacare was shoved down out throats and that indeed was an Obama era clusterfuck to the n’th degree. Liberal progressive Democrats, Rino PRIC’s must all go.    Chris_Simmons … Continue reading

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Boudica vs Rome American Citizens vs Government

boudicabpi·58 videos Published on Jan 6, 2014 I would like you to think about the parallels between Boudica, Britain and Rome circa 60 AD and American citizens facing our Federal government today 2014 http://www.boudica.us/weblog.html http://boudicabpi.boudica.us/ https://twitter.com/Boudicabpi _If you comment we … Continue reading

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Obama’s deceptive contraception program a big abusive un-constitutional scam!

What the fuck is wrong with you people? Obama, the federal government has no authority to do the bullshit you allow him/them to pull off! Wake the FUCK UP! Mark Levin – The Full Circle Of Tyranny Follow us, donate … Continue reading

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