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The Truth about the UN

DannyAyalon Published on Feb 20, 2014 Ambassador Danny Ayalon spreads the truth about the UN. Hypocrisy and cynicism have taken over the United Nations, the delegitimization perpetrators and Israel boycotters take advantage of the UN’s image as an advocate of … Continue reading

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Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner

  Published on Aug 31, 2012 by TinShipProd The history of Islam in Europe and how it effects us to this day. This is a history based on numbers and facts that you may not see anywhere else and explains … Continue reading

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(Video) Lord Monckton Destroys PlanMaryland.

At the MDCAN Turning the Tides conference Lord Christopher Monckton exposes the bogus “science” on which O’Malley’s “PlanFairyland” is based. Follow us, donate and help us stay on-line.

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Islam in Africa: The Invisible Genocide of Christians

Obama’s Muslim friends. Obama encouraged revolution in Egypt and acted militarily in Libya for so called humanitarian reasons, at the expense of Christian and non-Muslim minorities. It’s clear where his allegiance lies as he remains silent on wholesale slaughter of … Continue reading

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New video on 4-29-2012

at our sister blog boudicabpi.boudica.us Please leave your comments there. Click link for video’s in entirety. jihad on horseback al-arabiya Follow us, donate and help us stay on-line.

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How does one determine the worth of an unborn child?

Via Another Christian Blog This was a truly horrific act carried out by Kenneth L. Turner if proven that’s what happened. What makes one unborn child more valuable than another and is the method of killing an unborn child a … Continue reading

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Islam: What the West needs to know (full documentary)

Through an examination of the Koran, other Islamic texts and the example of the prophet Muhammad, this documentary argues, through a sober and methodical presentation, that violence against non-Muslims is and has always been an integral aspect of Islam. Features … Continue reading

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Life a Burden? After-birth abortion outrage sparked in UK

Two academics have ignited a furious debate in Britain and beyond – after advocating that parents should have the right to end the life of new-born babies in the same way as an abortion before birth. The British medical ethics … Continue reading

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A long video. Watch and then tell me Islam isn’t Fucked up and Muslims aren’t sick! Sorry about the language but true, it is, they are.

Honor Killings in Islam Follow us, donate and help us stay on-line.

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“Obama” Catholic? Lutheran? Jewish? It matters not – The following video says all we need to know:

Test of Fire: Election 2012 (Official HD Version – Catholic) Will you vote the values that will stand the test of fire? Some things are more important than high gas prices or a faltering economy. They are life, marriage and … Continue reading

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War Crimes in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains (video)

These people are of no concern to Obama or other western leaders, they’re to concerned about The “human rights” of Muslims living in Muslim countries which in itself is laughable. George Clooney Witnesses War Crimes in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains WARNING: … Continue reading

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Islam sucks, Muslims suck.

When is the west going to wake up? Give all non citizen Muslims 30 days to leave and we will be much better off for it. South Sudanese face deadline to leave the north Fredrick Nzwili 7 March 2012   … Continue reading

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