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Chemical Syria: ‘Enemies of Allah will die like rabbits’

Published on Dec 6, 2012 by RussiaToday Syria’s military is preparing to use chemical weapons against rebels, and is awaiting final orders from President Assad according to un-named US officials quoted in the American media. Washington says THAT would be … Continue reading

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Gaza War Spiral: RT talks to Israeli PM spokesman

All media will try and spin the Hamas attacks on Israel as Israeli aggression against the poor innocent Fakestinians. Enough already. We stand with Israel. Hamas is like a common bully, start a fight and when hit back cry for … Continue reading

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Why Don’t People Care about Their Freedoms? Interview with David Seaman

Published on Sep 20, 2012 by RTAmerica SUBSCRIBE to Breaking the Set http://www.youtube.com/breakingtheset Follow Abby @AbbyMartin Abby Interviews outspoken journalist, and US Congressional Candidate, David Seaman, about the slow erosion of civil liberties in America. Follow us, donate and help … Continue reading

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Asian Axis: India & China to bring two largest armies closer

Published on Sep 3, 2012 by RussiaToday The one-time regional rivals, India and China, now want to bring their armies closer together. Beijing’s top military chief is on a visit to New Delhi, aiming to boost the influence of the … Continue reading

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Israel Encircled: Radical neighbors flare up fear of attack

This is in no small part due to Obama’s upside down Middle eastern policies. Published on Aug 13, 2012 by RussiaToday Well, Israel’s staying alert amid growing regional instability – with Prime Minister Netanyahu saying his country is investing billions … Continue reading

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Drone surveillance: now in the US

Has anyone considered that if the guidance system was hacked it could be akin to a terrorist in the cockpit? Perhaps hundreds of potential missles in our sky’s. Drones are becoming more and more a part of the way America … Continue reading

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Obama’s yellow brick road doesn’t lead to OZ!

‘Cannibalism looms for N. Korea due to food aid cut’ The US has suspended food aid to North Korea after the country refused to cancel a scheduled rocket launch. Washington says this breaks the deal in which North Korea agreed … Continue reading

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The Real McCain: ‘Call to strike Syria ASAP exposes neo-con mindset’

Keep in mind how well Egypt and Libya have turned out after meddling in their affairs. If Syria is delivered to the Muslim Brotherhood Israel will find itself basically surrounded by a single Islamic Caliphate intent on her destruction. McCain … Continue reading

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