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It’s The End Of The World As We Know It…Patriot Action Network

Admin II It’s The End Of The World As We Know It… This Will A Compilation Of Several Videos Showing The Direct Results  Of Liberalism And The Reality Of Liberalism’s Depravity And Destruction. [ Foundational Source- Rense. ]  WARNING!!!! VERY … Continue reading

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LGBT agenda

  boudicabpi·52 videos Published on Dec 22, 2013 LGBT agenda, keep it to yourself, stop pushing on others and things would be fine. By not doing so you invite criticism and then lash out against it. http://www.boudica.us/weblog.html http://boudicabpi.boudica.us/ https://twitter.com/Boudicabpi If … Continue reading

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Obama’s DOJ: Children Do Not Need, And Have No Right To, Mothers via MinuteMenNews

I think I fell down a rabbit hole and woke up in Alice’s wonderland. Everything is upside down. Obama and his tribe of crazies are making Sodom and Gomora look like a beacon of high morality. What the fuck, this … Continue reading

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