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New video on 9-5-2012 #1

  Please leave your comments there. Click link for video in entirety. A child with Down Syndrome and American Airlines? Follow us, donate and help us stay on-line.

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Conquering Permafrost: People of BAM Railway (RT Documentary)

  Published on Aug 4, 2012 by RussiaToday The Baikal-Amur Mainline stretches more than four thousand kilometers, making it one of the world’s longest railways. Construction work on it lasted for almost a hundred years. The incredibly harsh weather conditions … Continue reading

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The TSA Is a Dam Joke

The TSA Is a Dam Joke, The Union Is Behind TSA, TSA Frisking Old People, TSA Are Perverts, Violating Our Rights, The American People Against TSA, TSA are Molesting Citizens, Get Your Hands Off Me, Hell No You Can’t Search … Continue reading

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New Obama designed car!

Via my cousin Oliver “chuckle time” The New 2012 Ford Renault and Ford have joined forces to create the perfect small car for women. Mixing the Renault ‘Clio’ and the Ford ‘Taurus’ they have designed the ‘Clitaurus’. It comes in … Continue reading

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Finally Obama has a correct title

Lower Than Pond Scum Via Canada Free Press – Alan Caruba  Sunday, February 26, 2012 Pond scum is not a rational substitute for oil and spending $14 million on its production as a fuel is beyond absurd. It is the same … Continue reading

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