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A personal message from the Iron Dome Soldiers

The fighters of the Iron Dome system are sending you a personal message. Please share the video and help them spread the word to as many global citizens as possible. For more information: http://www.iaf.co.il/4380-38716-en/IAF.aspx My personal message: Take Gaza, throw … Continue reading

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SEIU = Socialist Employee Idiots United!

H/T to American Freedom Obama and his socialist agenda supported by the useful idiots in the SEIU and other Communistic labor organizations are destroying our Republic. Stand up and fight. Election 2012… Obama – SEIU Agenda is My Agenda This … Continue reading

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New Video Clips… Posted on 01, 07, 12

…at our sister blog boudicabpi.boudica.us Please leave your comments there. Muhammad’s useful idiots are alive and well. Peaceful co-existence with Muslims is a pipe dream of western leaders… Islam’s goal is clear. They tell us and our leaders don’t hear. … Continue reading

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