this site advertises and sells the organs harvested from the palestinians online.

boudica-RadicalIslamThe below is a post at Wardoons blog. It is totally not true. I would like someone to let me know where this nutjob  saw that. I have asked that he removes or corrects his post. If anyone sees where I am promoting or selling palestinian organs on this site tell me and it will be addressed. Wardoons is an idiot. His post is linked in his title.

the jewish anti islamic blogs

Posted by wardoons on September 21, 2009


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this site advertises and sells the organs haversted from the palestinians online.

Isreal is our only true ally. This will be continuously updated. I will be keeping this at the top with a link to the updates. Boudica may be relevant in these times.
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this is not the only site that promots hatred and canards but thousands of anti islamic blogs are polluting the net with their propaganda and my blog is here to wash their dirty statements and islamophobia

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