Congress believes it’s mission is:
If there’s not a problem find one and see how much they can screw things up, then fix what the screwed up by screwing it up even more.
Bob A.


I’ve written a few times about the railroads, and how they were absolutely essential in settling this part of America because practically the was the only way one could make a living in the Old Northwest and the Great Plains was to farm. See this article.

I’ve also talked about how we nearly killed the railroad with regulations. See this article.

It seems that the progressives are taking another shot at killing efficient transportation. If you watch the Chessie Transportation ads you already know that a train uses about 1 gallon of diesel to move 1 ton of freight 60 miles. At a guess a semi moves 1 ton maybe 7.5 miles on that gallon of diesel and the taxpayers have to fix the road, which we don’t the railroad.

There is a bill in the Senate sponsored by 8 Senators called the Railroad Antitrust Enforcement Act of 2011…

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