The corruption of America is complete



Where is the MSM in America?

The corruption of America is complete


By Lord Howard Hurts

The corruption of America is complete. The Congress is corrupt. The Supreme Court is corrupt, and the President is both corrupt and a fraud. How can this be possible? Because the citizenry of this nation, for the most part, is the product of an education system that has brainwashed it students for several decades. These “Blind Sheep” only know how to destroy, or pick apart,  any subject or person. They are not capable of logical reasoning. This birth certificate issue is one where logical reasoning would apply.

The case has been made by reasonable persons qualified in the field of document analysis that this document is a composite and a fraud. The press doesn’t listen and then ask questions about the results found, it asks questions and attacks the persons who have presented the creditable evidence. THE GAME IS RIGGED. We have a Republican candidate for President who is aware of this birth certificate issue and is being pummeled in the press to give up more tax returns so that the Democrats can destroy him by nonsense. And yet this coward, Mitt Romney, refuses to attack this fraud of a President on the birth certificate issue.

All this confusion could be ended in one afternoon. President Obama could let Sheriff Arpaio view his real birth certificate in the vault in Hawaii, under the “protective eyes” of the press, so that it could be ascertained that the Internet version of this birth certificate and the one in the vault are one in the same. But this is not going to happen for two reasons: 1. The two versions of this certificate will not match, and 2.This great distraction is a divisional issue between the Patriot’s of America and the Republican, public educated, “Blind Sheep”. It is good sport as we say in England.

So now, you say, “Well if the documents don’t match, that fact in itself is a crime.” Yes, but does anyone really believe that it is worth fighting a civil war over such an issue? Don’t mentally jump ahead, continue reading.

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5 Responses to The corruption of America is complete

  1. Roy Mcdade says:

    Upaces, It is truly SAD that this is the state that Amerika has deteriarated to….

    • upaces88 says:

      I nooo, Roy. I know.
      This may be a “little” off subject but Obama ordered new Military Uniforms. Why is that suspicious? They “look like OUR Military…but they aren’t. They are made of cheap polyester. Can’t wear that fabric in the Middle East.
      So? Who will be wearing the “new” Military uniforms?

  2. upaces88 says:

    I hate having to agree with the article. It is true. I have lived long enough to see the generations change from the way “we were raised to be vs. the way it is now.
    Being older when I went to school for my B.S. and M.S. Degrees; and I was shocked how people’s value systems have deteriorated. I’ve seen and experienced it in workplace. I have been victim to “unnecessary viciousness in both universities I went to (age 52-55); as well as the workplace.

    I don’t know when it happened. I don’t know “how” it happened. I taught my daughter the same values I was raised with but her entire generation is so different that I can’t relate to them in the workplace or at a university level. It was okay to cheat as long as you didn’t get caught. What happened to “wanting to learn”? What happened to values and ethics?

    Cheating, lies, deception, even bullying to get ahead is NOW the norm. I was raised to believe that if you work for a man or a company, that 8 hrs is his and YOU WORK instead of “working to NOT work” but still want the raise; still want the promotion.
    I have witnessed people expending so much time and energy to get OUT of working or doing a complete job on a project passing the buck — than IF they expended that same energy, the job or project would already have been done!

    I had to actually learn how to “protect myself” at work. I had to make “back up disc(s)” of a disc to take home with me because people who “wanted the job I was hired for..didn’t want to work to EARN it when I left. At one point, I had to place a piece of scotch tape under the drawer of my desk so that by the next morning — if it was broken, I knew someone had tried to get into my work.
    What happened? When did work ethics stop being taught at home?

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