Libtalker Calls For Beheading Of Conservatives

Mike Malloy like all libturds is an ASSHOLE!

Published on Nov 27, 2012 by – Mike Malloy 26 Nov 2012: …these Tea Bag bastards who by the way, I just wish they would all just go away – or, like in Passover, I just wish there was an angel of the Lord that would pass over – instead of killing the first born in all the households of Egypt just wipe out all the Tea Baggers. Just, you know, the terrible swift sword, just [Mike makes exaggerated “swishing” sounds] – lob their heads off!

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6 Responses to Libtalker Calls For Beheading Of Conservatives

  1. upaces88 says:

    This is so sickening. I have no words at the moment….just sick at heart.

  2. aussiegirl says:

    Malloy would make an excellent muslim,, lobbing heads off is their specialty. , , they love talking about beheadings just like this scumbag liberal, should be ashamed of himself, but of course he’s not because Liberalpsychosis is a progressive disease, .

  3. jericho777 says:

    Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog.

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