Is it Churches? Or Is It Christ? Is it Politics? Where are the People?

Thanks to our commentator upaces88.

Churches foll of empty people?

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1 Response to Is it Churches? Or Is It Christ? Is it Politics? Where are the People?

  1. upaces88 says:

    I struggled for years and years to make sense of Christianity. I was raised by a father and grandfather that were both ministers. I should have had the answers, right? WRONG.
    My first huge shock about Christians and Christianity, in my church anyway, was when I was getting a divorce from my Marine husband who was beating me.
    I was “informed” to show up for a special meeting “in my honor” at the Church so they could decide whether I could or could not remain in the Church because Divorces were forbidden.

    I was NOT told what the meeting was about until I got there. They told me that if I wanted to remain in the church, I could NOT get a divorce. I explained that IF I remained with him, I”d be “dead.”
    They wanted ME to bring him to Jesus. I told them I could not. and I would have to leave.
    Their response: “Why are you leaving Jesus?”

    My response: “I’m NOT leaving Jesus. I am taking him with me.
    I walked out; and never looked back.

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