Iran Nuclear Deal Violates UN Security Council Resolutions via American Infidels

This follows Obama’s modus operandi in the ME re: Egypt, Libya, supporting the terrorist rebels in Syria and completely destabilizing the region. Obama is a greater threat to America and Israel than Iran ever was and is further emboldening Iran and our enemies.


Iran Nuclear Deal Violates UN Security Council Resolutions

UN Security Council resolutions ordered the Islamic Republic to abandon all enrichment and reprocessing activities.

Dr. Joe Tuzara

At the time when the Islamic republic is showing signs of economic implosion due to crippling sanctions, the premature lifting of sanctions in exchange for baseless promises of goodwill has emboldened Iran to preserve its primary goal: the “right” to continue enriching uranium.

As it turned out, the “interim” agreement that came out of negotiations in Geneva was a done deal: accommodation masquerading as accompllshment.

The deal is an embarrassing diplomatic fiasco, for it ”provides international support and de facto recognition of Iran” as a nuclear-weapons capable state.

Post-Geneva, the world powers  have lost credibility and have squandered a “golden opportunity to demand major concessions” that could have led to a comprehensive solution to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

US Secretary of State John Kerry’s seriously flawed assurances that Israel is “safer” after interim deal for Iran was a vague distortion of reality. Read more…

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