Putin mocks the West and threatens to turn off gas supplies

Russian leader says does not want ‘new cold war’ but threatens to disrupt European gas supplies

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin Photo: Getty

Vladimir Putin has mocked diplomatic efforts to end the Ukraine crisis as Russia threatened to disrupt European gas supplies by cutting off sales to Kiev over its unpaid debts.

The Russian president said through his official spokesman that, despite deep disagreements with the West, he did not want a confrontation over Ukraine to spiral into a “new cold war”.

Nevertheless Dmitry Peskov ridiculed Western demands for direct talks between the Kremlin and the new Kiev government, claiming that the loss of credibility involved “puts a smile on our face”.

The remarks were broadcast during the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, where the Ukrainian athlete carrying his national flag was given a loud cheer.

Earlier, Gazprom, Russia’s state-owned energy giant, said it would start to reduce deliveries to Kiev, a move that would disrupt supplies to Europe. Gazprom said Ukraine had failed to make payments on its £1.2 billion debts.

Ukraine is one of the main transit routes for the continent’s gas and the suspension of Gazprom exports in freezing temperatures in 2006 and in 2009 endangered national grids and caused sharp rises in prices. “We can’t supply gas for free,” Alexey Miller, the head of Gazprom, said. “Either Ukraine settles its debt and pays for current deliveries or the risk arises of a return to the situation we saw at the start of 2009.”  Read more…


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2 Responses to Putin mocks the West and threatens to turn off gas supplies

  1. Jeffrey Hardin says:

    Crimea is Russia….And so will the Ukraine when all the celebrations and laughter has settled down!
    Crimea as well as many others like the Baltic states had done back in the 40s, are welcoming the Russian army into their cities with marches and parades. Even a great portion of the Ukraine favors Russia over their previous leadership…

    Right after Obama applied sanctions against Russia, you know, `the tuff Mr Blue Jeans Babe photo opt where he was impossibly and doubtfully on the phone with Putin?

    Following that laughable photo opt, the European commission comes out just 12 hours later and says it’s very unlikely we’ll be pressing for sanctions against Russia?!

    No way would the European Commission sanction Russia when Putin can snap his fingers and have their gas supplies shut off, just like that…

    And then Putin comes out to say that he doesn’t want a ‘new cold war’ but once again, openly and candidly threatened to disrupt European gas supplies…He’s black mailing Europe, and, he can get away with it too…The EU gets 47% of their gas supplies from Russia, they are sucking hungrily on old Mother Russian Bears Teets, and there is no way they are going to be weened off them either…

    Remember what Reagan said back on July 1981 when the Siberian pipe line was in it’s earliest planning stages?

    Reagan warned that the Russian pipeline through Ukraine would weaken West. That his administrations aim was at limiting the Soviet economic leverage over the West, and he preached this throughout his presidency, and Margaret Thatcher did as well to her British parliament.

    But, the Trans-Siberian Pipeline, which crosses modern-day Ukraine, was built nonetheless, and it has helped to transform Russia into an energy superpower that nurtures the European Union’s dependence on its fossil fuels. It has also given Putin/Russia the upper hand against anyone who dares to cross them…

    They have shut down their pipe line twice already, and both times were during Europe’s most coldest winters, so he is not bluffing here atoll…

    Baraq Obama, has once again looked the fool he is, and made us appear even weaker than we had before, and what did he do yesterday, he sends a small American Naval fleet to scare Putin back out of Ukraine?

    That would be the new Obamascare tactic, sending in a demilitarized Naval fleet to instill fear at the sight of our once mighty Naval fleet that has been literally decimated by his policies …And the media is celebrating all of this classically as a calculated move by their genius Peckerwoodsy Arabic President…

    Doesn’t he remind you of the insane and childish Amadeus?
    This video about sums up his presidency…A pampered pompous ass!
    Especially watch the scene at the 4:30 mark

    It’s a shame that Americans are praising a commie murdering, journalistic assassinator like Putin over an American president….
    But here we are!?

  2. Jeffrey Hardin says:

    Reblogged this on Jericho777.

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