Arson in German refugee accommodations: double standards in court?

Allah's Willing Executioners

In Neuburg on the river Danube in Bavaria, three Nigerian asylum seekers were sentenced today to two years’ suspended sentences for arson and physical injury resulting from negligence – despite their previous convictions. The judge is convinced that the three men set a fire in their accommodation in Feilenmoos last August. According to the regional newspaper Donaukurier, the fire caused property damage of approximately 20,000 euros. Four people were injured.The female judge considered a confession of the three accused from Africa as mitigating. In her opinion, it is a first step towards reform. In addition, the judge said that the remand in custody had left a lasting impression on the three men, who have already been convicted of theft, attempted fraud and assault – but only to fines.According to the defense attorney, the motive for the act was that one of the arsonists wanted to ” send a signal” against…

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