3 Aug 2020 -Secession? NYT mentions it

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Red Alert: NYT Reports Dems Have Drilled Seceding from the US with Trump… https://youtu.be/x109NcBx3tM via @YouTube

Here some very insightful comments – and this is another article from a few moments ago – https://t.co/DeUgngQJ5B?amp=1

Now we now know why Democrats want to tear down Confederate Monuments. They’re wanting to repeat what they did back in the 1860’s in the South when they had control there.
I’ve been trying to say this for a while now. If you have eyes, you can see, there is already a complete government in place ready to stage a coup, and in many ways, already are. They have a Ministry of Information (NYT) where 1 person (Information Minister) controls what information will be allowed to be disseminated. One message from this woman, and an entire organization can be removed not only from social media, but from…

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