I Promised…Here It Is!

The Lone Cactus

If you missed Friday’s blog, you missed my announcement. But you’re here today, and that’s ok because today IS the announcement.

I’m about to spoil Joe Biden’s big announcement as to who he is choosing as a running mate.

Now, before I do give you that person’s name, we need to run down why some of the people that are being highly mentioned aren’t going to get it.

I’ve heard Kamala Harris is a top choice. She has a legal background, and she’s a person of color. I think she disqualifies herself because she has two things wrong with her. She was a prosecutor in California and was roundly criticized by people on the right and left for her actions in that position. And, she’s from California. Joe Biden isn’t going to lose California. He needs to pick someone that he feels is going to help him win. Kamala Harris…

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