School principals in Berlin are horrified by the court decision that allows Muslim teachers to wear headscarves

Allah's Willing Executioners

Karina Jehniche has the opinion that the judgement is “fatal”. The headmistress of the Christian Morgenstern Primary School in Spandau, an educational institution with a very high percentage of migrants, would not have “expected the Federal Labor Court to overturn the obligation of neutrality at Berlin schools. The judges have decided that teachers may now also teach wearing headscarves, as long as the peace at school is not disturbed.”I wouldn’t have expected that neutrality could be seen as discrimination,” says Karina Jehnichen. And she is not just talking as the head of her school when she describes the verdict as “fatal”, she is also deputy head of the Berlin School Management Interest Group (IGB). She therefore also speaks for around 300 senior educators.

For Karina Jehniche, it’s all about the headscarf symbol. For…

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