Thoughts on This Week’s Presidential Debate


As I was watching the pseudo-debate the other night, the thought crossed my mind, “I’ve seen this show before”. Indeed I had, as I thought about it later I realized it was a rerun of Joe Biden and Paul Ryan’s Vice Presidential debate in 2012, with two differences, the roles were reversed and that debate had a moderator not covering fire.

It was bad enough I don’t remember writing about that debate, but Ann Althouse did, in fact, she live blogged it. And she remembered too. Here is some of her live blogging that she quoted in the linked article.

Biden is being rude, laughing and mouthing words…. Biden mutters an interruption. When Biden is given a turn, he calls what Ryan said “malarky.”… Ryan is speaking earnestly… and Biden is chuckling toothily, his body shaking like Santa Claus…. When Ryan speaks, Biden is laughing clownishly again. It looks just…

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