NPR Gives 8 Minutes To WashPost’s Kessler To Defend His Lame Tim Scott ‘Fact Check

PA Pundits International

By Tim Graham ~

Washington Post “fact checker” Glenn Kessler drew a lot of fire for digging deeply into the family history of Sen. Tim Scott to suggest his life story was exaggerated. On Sunday night’s All Things Considered, NPR weekend host Michel Martin devoted more than eight minutes of air time to letting Kessler defend himself, as liberal journalists stick up for liberal journalists and dismiss criticism as misplaced.

The headline was “Journalist Digs Into Sen. Tim Scott’s ‘Tidy’ Origin Story After Comments On Racism.” Martin even said Kessler probed Scott’s “so-called origin story.”

This was the most pointed mention of Kessler’s critics, but Martin quickly added her befuddlement:

MARTIN: The former South Carolina governor, the former U.N. ambassador, Nikki Haley, called the piece shameful. She said on Twitter, when minorities refuse to be victims, disagree with liberal talking points and think for ourselves, the media shames us and questions our…

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