National Call-Congress Day, October 6, 2009

Patients First a Project of Americans for Prosperity

Announcing National Call-Congress Day

Dear Patients First Supporter,

On Tuesday, October 6, Patients First, a project of Americans for Prosperity, is sponsoring a National Call- Congress Day to send our legislators a simple message: “Hands Off My Health Care!” Thousands of Americans have already joined with Patients First by participating in our bus tour and town hall meetings. And on Tuesday, October 6, patients, families, and small business owners across the United States will have the chance to send an unmistakable message to Congress: “Hands Off My Health Care!”

At, we’re making it easier than ever to contact your elected officials in Washington. We’ll help you identify your Congressperson and his or her phone number, which will allow you to call him or her at your convenience (or even leave a voicemail after business hours). It’s never been easier to make your voice heard.

If your Congressperson supports a government takeover of health care, this is your chance to explain why we cannot afford any bill that puts Washington between you and your doctor. If your Congressperson has vowed to keep his hands off your health care, thank him and encourage him to stay strong in the fight against government-run health care.

Please let your friends and family members know about National Call-Congress Day and invite them to send a message to Congress. Unless Congress hears your voice, we all risk losing our choice of doctors, our control of health insurance options, and our timely access to quality health care.

Please join us on Tuesday, October 6. Tell Congress “Hands off My Health Care!”


Patients First Team

Contact your members of Congress on October 6.

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