Wafa Sultan – ISLAM is the Problem!

She hits the nail on the head about Islam. Too bad the asshats posing as western leaders don’t get it. Pass this clip on, post or email link. Barak Obama is a lead apologizer, defender of Islam and should be shipped off to a Muslim country along with his mate and offspring.

In the West’s attempt to remain politically correct, they have failed to identify the source of our problem, our true enemy.

The Evil that the Free World is facing is not radical Islam or militant Islam or any other group within Islam. IT IS ISLAM!

Sure there are good Muslims, but they are not practicing Muslims… if they were they would be seeking the death of ALL infidels. The have an agenda and it is clear. It was handed down to them by their only prophet.

Even the secular Muslims are not speaking out against the atrocities committed by fellow Muslims around the world. Why do they remain silent when Jews, Christians, Buddhists and so many others are oppressed by Islam around the globe?

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