Osama err…Obama advocates Green Jobs…

…in India. WTF

Great News Taxpayers: Obama Administration to invest $500 Million in Solar Panel Projects….in India

via Scotty Starnes’s blog

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8 Responses to Osama err…Obama advocates Green Jobs…

  1. JC says:

    In his mind he is bigger than the USA…all the world deserves him.

  2. JC says:

    The only job that BHO/Lucifer is interested in is HIS…..and he really is not interested in working for the American people he simply likes all the perks…without the work….makes him a jerk.

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  4. roblorinov says:

    Let’s see…his two black buses were made in Canada not the USA. That means the construction of these 2 buses to the tune of $1 million each gave Canadians jobs instead of Americans. Now he’s farming out more American jobs to India? This president seems rather talented at sending jobs overseas yet out of the other side of his BIG mouth he claims he has a jobs plan for America that he’ll speak about after his vacation….yes again…another vacation. Let me give you some advance heads up on what that “jobs plan” is. Basically it is a “Screw You America! Go work at McD’s for minimum wage and get used to it!” Meanwhile all the jobs where you might make some real money are being sent overseas to places like India, Pakistan, etc. Oh, silly me, I forgot. This is the POTUS who said he’s a “citizen of the world” whatever the hell that means. No wonder he’s so interested in creating jobs in other nations but seems to have NO INTEREST in creating jobs for Americans, the very nation he ALLEGEDLY leads. What a hypocritical DISGRACE this man is!!

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