Obama the race card player!

It’s interesting that this is the second black/non-black incident Obama has interjected himself into and in both cases all of the facts were not known. Does anyone know of any other one on one incidents Obama has brought attention to?

Britain Waits For Obama to Comment Movingly and Eloquently on Gun Murders of White Tourists by Black Youth

I don’t know what President Obama’s schedule is looking like for today, but I’m sure he’ll be making time to comment on the case of Shawn Tyson, the Florida teenager who was yesterday sentenced to life without parole for the cold-blooded murders of two young British men who were holidaying in the state.

I’m sure the president will want to share his thoughts on the tragedy, because he takes such a keen interest, in his capacity as bridge-builder-and-healer-in-chief, in inter-racial altercations – and in particular fatal shootings to which there’s an apparent racial element. And the racial element here is at least as much a factor as it was in the case of the Trayvon Martin shooting which has so exercised Mr. Obama, and probably more so. Read more…

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4 Responses to Obama the race card player!

  1. upaces88 says:

    Well, hell. I spent two weeks on the UK blog site. They were convinced we didn’t like Obama because we “are racists.” I gave them an ear full — they finally began to ask questions. Guess it is time to go back and set them straight again. I don’t know how many people blog on the UK site, but every little bit helps.

    Come to think of it — why the hell are they looking at us when Muslims are practically sitting on queen “what’s her name’s throne!”

  2. walthe310 says:

    Why does Britain care about US race relations when Britain has its own race problems to deal with?

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