I can’t help but notice that obama’s kids are protected by people with guns!

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Good question Rush.  Nice to know that I am not alone in my observation of Obama’s dog and pony show last Friday.

Arriving back home Friday just in time to witness said dog and pony show in action, my first thoughts were that the media could not wait to interrupt programming just to give this fool airtime.

As I listened to the great divider spin, losing it I immediately fired off the following tweet:

“Much like the #Trayvon tragedy, #Pandering via #Aurora tragedy not beneath #Obama.”

Next, I typed the following note for future use.

“Now I acknowledge that I may be making much to do about nothing but I would love to hear just ONE speech from this man without the words ‘I,’ ‘Michelle and myself’ ‘me and Michelle,’ or ‘Sasha and Malia.’

In the meantime, Obama claims that today is not a day for campaigning.  EXCUSE me?  Say what? …

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  1. bydesign001 says:

    How about that Bob. Guns protect Obama’s kids while Obama would deny us the weapons to protect ours.

    I actually thought that this post would offend folks but felt it necessary to get some things out in the open. Thanks for re-posting.

  2. upaces88 says:

    He could care less about OUR Safety….he just wants all of the guns so WE won’t feel safe anymore!
    Have to look to the Govt to save us! Yeaaaa, riiiiight.

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