The Mad Jewess

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  1. Redneck Woman says:

    LOL! Poor cow….the cows should just have dropped a few cow patties on Rahm’s head!! It looks like he’s down about a quart or two…too much crap dribbling out of his mouth! The left sure don’t like Bachmann for suggesting that hitlery’s secretary could have ties to the MB cuz it’s freedom of religion ya’ know! Then they will discredit anyone who believes in the traditional values of America before all the PC shit started! Isn’t that also freedom of religion…to believe in the traditional values? What a bunch of effin’ leftwing hypocrites!

    • chuck says:

      i love the redneck woman

    • upaces88 says:

      Does anyone remember years and years ago with the Tanning Bed came out as a place to go to look tan all year?
      That was about the same time there was a huge HIV-Aids EVERYONE became very intense about all kinds of Body fluids scare. I had been going to a specific business that was owned by two Gay men.
      I stopped going. Never had to say why….they did end up going bankrupt and had to close when everyone else heard the same information I did.
      Didn’t care if it was true or not that one could get AIDS that way… but no one was going to take the chance.

      • Redneck Woman says:

        I remember it…I never went to those things though, so it didn’t matter. I’m fair skinned with Auburnish hair….I cook really fast out in the sun! I keep covered up while outside….someday the pale skinned color will become popular again! LOL! If it don’t…I don’t care…at least I’ll look younger in my older age and I won’t have to worry about skin cancer!

  2. tthan43 says:

    I knew the punk was a dick sucker the very first time I saw him buddying up with obummer.

  3. upaces88 says:

    LMAO!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
    Who says we have to LOVE Gay people; Muslims, etc.
    This is America. We can choose NOT to like someone.
    A business will take anyone’s $; however, that person has the freedom NOT to buy there..they can go down the street; open up their own business to sell to gays, pedophiles, Muslims, rapists. It is their choice!

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