Muhammad full movie – Innocence of Muslims

H/T Iran Aware

Islam and Muhammad depicted where they properly belong. Islam dead Muhammad’s head on a woman’s spear.

Muhammad full movie – Innocence of Muslims 74 Min

Published on Sep 14, 2012 by

muslim religion killing others because of stupid things , so you kill americans that came to save you and help you and all the sudden a movie is made and witch is 100% true look at the video arabs u will understand what they are saying and what theyre doning , so dont fuckin get pissed off just because a video was made

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47 Responses to Muhammad full movie – Innocence of Muslims

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  3. Qoran is a $h!t…. they support terrorist acts if that acts is for the benefits of Islam….. Sharia Law…. wtf ? all people who believe Islam is abnormal, act like an animal, barbaric!!! eat ya shitt asshole!!! the world can only have PEACE if Islam conquer the whole nation? …. what the fuck are you guyz (muslim) thinkin of? r u crazy? your religion is not a belief, it is a Politics…..

  4. True Muslim says:

    Islam or Quran never says to kill anyone, what islam and mohammed SAW says is forgive even your enemies you will be on high ranks in front of ALLAH the GOD, whoever says jihad and kill innocent people are mental ill and stupid people, islamic never tolerate such fightings, Mohammed SAW used to forgive his most dangerous enemies, even the enemy who killed and ate the heart of his beloved uncle, Mohammed forgiven her and asked to go away from his sight. Mohammed SAW is truly the messenger of ALLAH and kindness to the Mankind. Islam says respect others in turn you will get respect for yourself, help poor, be kind and good to your parents, give 2% of your earnings every year in Ramadan to poor people, there are many such rules in islam which certainly makes mankind are humble living being and loved by God. These all preachings are in Quran which is sent by God Allah to his messenger Mohammed SAW to inform the world and follow the Quran.

  5. Raheel says:

    All americans are mother fucker.

  6. Muhammad Irfan says:

    You did not study “Islam” and you really dont know what you are doing. You all are plying in the Hands of Agencies of America and Israel. May Allah (S.W.T) gave you Hidayat.

  7. Shayan says:

    LIsten U Non-Muslims Nuts …….. u Dont Hav any right to Inter fair in our ReliGion ……….
    whAt u dId U HAv to Pay for That Soon ……… StaY AwaY Its BeTTer for U

  8. Asad Khan says:

    @boudicabpi ,,, Dear u will die SOON,, count every breath of you life,,,,

    • boudicabpi says:

      Yeah right. By who you? You’re an idiot.

      • usmi says:

        i will kill u bloody bitch

        • boudicabpi says:

          In response to the great Muslim interest on this post I have also posted at my sister site.


          • upaces88 says:

            This is the way Prime Minister in Canada is handling the Muslim Problem. I got this from Dixie:

            Heard somethings about what’s happening in Canada!! So proud of Harper!! We haven’t had any rioting here with the muslims in solidarity for the other muslims! Australia, England, France, Belgium and many more have. Why not here? The answer is….cuz Harper moved the military in to surround the Embassy Row….they are parked outside of them with their personel carriers and guns. They have been told that if anyone storms the embassies…they are to shoot them on sight! There are checkstops going into the community…all are being asked for ID and what their purpose for being there is…if they can not give a good explanation…they are told to turn around and leave….. Harper also told some of the muslim Leaders ……we will dig a trench, throw the bodies in it, cover it with Pig shit and cover them over! They don’t get identified or given back to the families! We will then start deportation of all muslims from Canada…send them to their place of birth by ship! Not airplane…ship! We will make it illegal to practice Islam in Canada!! All muslims…whether or not they were born in Canada or not will be deported.

  9. tahir says:

    soor ki olad

  10. Asad says:

    @boudicabpi ,, you will Die Soon ,,, Count your breaths. InshALLAH

  11. adnan says:

    lant ho tm py behoda

  12. Azaan says:

    you bloody bastard Boudicabpi, Islam is the religion of Peace not terrorism. You and all others like you are torrrorist who hate muslims and ruin Islam. You all are afraid of Islam and Muslims. You son of a bitch,

  13. says:

    lanat ho tm pa gustakh a Rasool SAW.

  14. usman abbasi says:

    boudicabpi u bustard islaam is name of peace not terolisam.terolisam is ur hobby

    • boudicabpi says:

      Peace, don’t make me laugh. Islam is the name of pieces of bodies scattered around the landscape.

      • Irfan Islam says:

        You American son of bitches are real terrorist and creating terror in the world. America only has disturbed peace of all world. These dog sons has killed thousands of people in Iraq, Afghanistan solely and has involved in killing people in other countries as well.
        What you say about this you Son of Bitch AMERICA????

        • upaces88 says:

 persecution by Muslims …
          In Africa over 120 million Christians and animists have died over the last 1400 years of jihad. …

        • upaces88 says:

          Have you been to your doctor lately? You might ask him to change your medicine. It is no longer working for you.

  15. qammar says:

    lanat ho tm pa gustakh a Rasool SAW.

  16. sufyan says:

    fuck you terry john

  17. farhan says:

    it is a deliberate attempt from hollywood or i think from the think tank of america and israel to demolish the world peace and start a third world war

  18. ghulaam e rasool says:

    hazaat lanat ho tum per movie bannaney waly per us me jjo jo shareeq hai sab par ..

  19. lanat ho tum pe aye ghustaz e Rasool SAW

  20. boudicabpi says:

    Reblogged this on BPI reblog and commented:

    This is what Obama’s trying to blame Muslims being pissed off about. LOL!

    • kkkkkkkkkk says:

      all who made or take part to made this movie are the son of bitch and all the world fuck his mother…………….. i fuck ur sister , mother, and your daughter bloody GustakH e Rasool SAW

      • boudicabpi says:

        I guess you got your panties in a wad. LOL!

      • upaces88 says:

        Case solved by your own admission. Muslims are animals and have no respect for human life. Thank you so much for being clear just what savage animals Muslims are.
        I read an article with a video attached of Muslims eating the dead body of a child they had just murdered.
        Religion of Peace? Naawww, religion of Satan. You live by threats of violence then want people to follow you?
        Definition of insanity by Albert Einstein: Doing the same thing over and over again getting the same result.”

    • farhan says:

      comment with ur real name and identity.not from a fake id.loooser

      • Muhammad Naeem says:

        anyone who will not respect the feelings of other religions how can he live with peace and happiness. He should realize his mistakes and should stop this type of activities. please do not do this type of activities and respect the feelings of others.

        • boudicabpi says:

          Islam is not a religion. It is a totalitarian ideology, a cult of intimidation, subjugation, death and destruction spawned from the wet dream of Muhammad a murdering madman.

          • upaces88 says:

            They have NO respect for women; and still cling to their book without realizing that their Book was written by a woman…NOT A MAN.
            This amazing discovery was revealed after days of hard work pouring over copies of the original parchments that Muslims claim were written by Muhammad.

            “I had heard of hidden messages that could be heard when a record [for those of you born after 1990 a record was round and played music – like a big CD] was played backwards so I decided to read the Koran backwards to see if there were any hidden messages in it – I was bored, what can I say? – and I was startled by what I found.”

            Cleric Abba Dabadu showed this reporter the notes he had scribbled in the margins of the copies of the original Koran.

            “The world was right! Muslims are a backward people but only because we’ve been reading the Koran backwards!” He pointed to one section. “See here, what we have always believed to be the end of the Koran is really the beginning. And here it clearly shows that the Koran, correction, the Narok, was not written by Muhammad as we originally thought but by a woman – A WOMAN – named Dammahum.”

            So what does this mean for Islam?


          • upaces88 says:

            It doesn’t even realize that he/she is making our case FOR US.
            I haven’t met one yet on a blog that was actually a “nice” person…they ALL think they’ll get everyone to be so sceeeered that we will change…
            Nevah happen.

        • Deepak says:

          Naeem Ji ,
          I fully agreed w3hat you said……… but what you said is islam…
          then what why all terrorist are muslims and claim that they are dioing waht theirkuran says.
          kindly think rationally and ans me.
          i dont want to hurt any ones feelings…..but
          why muslims aer found in diffrent type of deaths.
          why not like othersfor example…
          christian , persian and hindus…

          • nosheen says:

            thanx for asking this question about my religion, you have right to ask any question about our religion, ISLAM.. first of all i would like to ans your first question, that who tell u that all terrorists are muslims?? read the artical few lines are here
            “All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 94% that Aren’t”, I used official FBI records to show that only 6% of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil from 1980 to 2005 were carried out by Islamic extremists. The remaining 94% were from other groups (42% from Latinos, 24% from extreme left wing groups, 7% from extremist Jews, 5% from communists, and 16% from all other groups).
            hope u’ll find the ans,
            you people just watch on medis and make ur thinking that muslims are terrorist but infact this is not what is seems, muslims are only fighting for the sake of their religion, only for the sake of their rights, not for the spreading terrorism, i read the comments above you were saying that QURAN was written by a women, hahahh, this book is written by the ALLAH, but will not believe i know…. just leave it that who write this book, only read what is written in this book, then u’ll come to know what is our islam, if it is about terrorists then Quran must say go muslims and spread terrorism in the world, but it is not like that, i only request u people to read the Quran, the Quran which is read by every muslim…

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