Veterans Day 2012

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  1. thatmrgguy says:

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    For all us Veterans out there. Thanks for your service.

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  3. coffeeandsleeplessnights says:
  4. upaces88 says:

    God Bless Their Hearts and Souls. I no longer know anyone in uniform but I still think of them.
    They are sooo young…so very young. They don’t know it…but they belong to all of us.

    I was in a parking lot in Dallas walking up to a building for an appointment. There were these two handsome young men walking towards me in their bright Blue uniforms. Bob, they were SO YOUNG! My eyes filled up with mist as I walked towards them because I was so proud. I put my hand out to thank them. I think I embarrassed them. Bless their hearts, they didn’t seem to know what to think…. They both shook my hand as I said, “Thank you.” Than I walked off.
    They were so YOUNG. They do …. they do belong to all of us.

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