This is what the Muslims do to opposing sects within Islam


This is what the Muslims do to opposing sects within Islam, if the world was 100% Muslim there would be even more war

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11 Responses to This is what the Muslims do to opposing sects within Islam

  1. ken says:

    Also I have a friend in Myanmar! Havent hear from in over a year! She wanted out in worst way. Ive NO idea if she dead or alive. I dont hear from her anymore. She told me about the MUSLIM rituals early morning! She was a Christain!

  2. Yes, but will the mass media tell America that fact?
    No,’cos they don’t have the balls to, and silly kids living in the U.S. will think it’s racism to share actual truths.

  3. ofthehighest says:

    Obama and Islam must be removed (banned) from the United States. Please join us at Christian American Patriots Militia.

    • upaces88 says:

      He watches Face Book. They need to have their same message on another site.
      How do I know?
      I was banned from Face Book within 2 months of his first term for simply uploading news about him. I had that account deleted.
      About a year later, I wanted to blog on a specific site that only had Face Book. I opened my account from one of my Yahoo Addresses. I got rather freaked out when “I” received an invitation FROM ME to ME in my Gmail Account. Obviously, I did NOT send myself an invitation to join me on Face Book.
      During that same time period (the first Face Book Account), Terrorists had Face Book Accounts and their vile plans for all of us..yet? They were NOT banned.
      “They have first Amendment Rights….that’s when I knew we really didn’t…. that’s when it really hit me hard…his first term.

      • ken says:

        i put alot of posts on FB. And you know I lost friends cuz of it! Not very many but I do have a few family members who turned democrat. And they got pissed at me for my posts and emails. I think though they are now wondering if maybe THEY were wrong!

        • upaces88 says:

          Ken, make ‘um’ beg back to get into your good graces. It is hard to believe that intelligent people can be so damn’d gullible and stupid.
          “IF it sounds too good…it probably isn’t good.”

          • ken says:

            your right! And I sucked up to keep peace in family! I just dont talk politics with those particular family members anymore. I figure they will see their own mistake in time. Which they ARE now!

  4. ken says:

    reblogged on FB

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