BPI reblog Daily Archives: January 28, 2014

Daily Archives: January 28, 2014

VIDEO Georgia Senate Committee Passes Resolution Calling for a Convention of States

Reblogged from Reclaim Our Republic: January 24, 2014 by Amanda Castro ATLANTA, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Peach State is making history. Lawmakers passed a preliminary measure Friday that puts pressure on Washington to get its act together. The resolution calls … Continue reading


Obama Returns Two Gitmo Prisoners Back to Sudan

Reblogged from PUMABydesign001’s Blog: Barack Obama recently released two Al Qaeda terrorists from Guantanamo Bay returning to their homeland of Sudan and as time will show Al Qaeda. (I know the Obama administration prefers the term “detainees” but I prefer … Continue reading


Netanyahu: Under interim deal, Iran 6 weeks away from bomb

Reblogged from : (That long? — DM) Times of Israel, Netanyahu: Under interim deal, Iran 6 weeks away from bomb. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses a conference in Tel Aviv, Monday, January 27, 2014 (photo credit: Kobi Gideon/GPO/Flash90) Iran could … Continue reading


Hope versus Miracle

Reblogged from Christian Resource Ministry: Hope versus Miracle


Another Obama Success Story… Afghanistan to Release 37 Insurgents and American Killers

Reblogged from Socialism is not the Answer: Gateway Pundit Afghani officials released 37 insurgents with “blood on their hands” including terrorists who murdered American soldiers and Navy SEALs. FOX News reported: Afghani officials freed 37 insurgents and Taliban fighters with … Continue reading


We Were Right About Ukraine: Joe Biden Telling Yanukovych To Not “Declare State Of Emergency” Threatens Sanctions (For Not Submitting To EU/USA)

Reblogged from The Mad Jewess: We Were Right About Ukraine:  Joe Biden Telling Yanukovych To Not “Declare State Of Emergency.”  Threatens Sanctions For Not Submitting To EU/USA This is not a ‘protest.’   They are violent, anti-human, murderers who killed police. … Continue reading

Bipartisan Task Force Calls for Support of Possible Israeli Military Strike on Iran

Reblogged from : Bipartisan Task Force Calls for Support of Possible Israeli Military Strike on Iran | Washington Free Beacon. Calls for strike as soon as July if no final nuclear agreement is reached BY: Alana Goodman January 27, 2014 … Continue reading


Video: Syrian Rebels Enforce Brutal Sharia Law

Reblogged from Kafir Crusaders: The civil war in Syria is a complex situation. What started out as an uprising by the people against a brutal regime has been hijacked by hard-line Islamists who have seen the opportunity to seize the … Continue reading


FEMA Preparing For “Motor Coach Evacuation of the General Population”

Reblogged from Mountain Republic: Federal agency asks companies for operational support in event of national emergency Paul Joseph Watson Infowars.com The Federal Emergency Management Agency is soliciting companies to provide operational support for a “motor coach evacuation of the general … Continue reading


How do we respond to a ‘bad’ day?

Reblogged from Heart Knowledge with Na: What happens when we aren’t having the best day? Feel out of sorts? Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Or are having what some might consider a ‘Bad’ day? Sometimes I … Continue reading

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