Are You Ready?


No. Not this guy.

I have been following a lovely young man on YouTube; his channel is Jamel a.k.a. Jamal. He does reaction videos to music he’s not heard before. Since a preponderance of music he has never heard comes from my generation (our teenage/young adult years), it’s great fun to not only enjoy a song I haven’t heard in a hundred years but to watch a young person react to hearing them for the first time. I recommend you check him out.

Because I enjoyed his music reactions so much, I stumbled on another young man who does music reaction videos with his wife. They are not as good as Jamel’s so I don’t pay much attention to those but this morning I found his videos reacting to ghost stories found on the various media – YT (mostly), Tik Toc, etc. Now those are priceless!

Here’s my racist remark…

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