More than 130 crimes committed – Alleged underage Syrian refugee keeping German courts busy

Allah's Willing Executioners

After the knife attack in Gera in the street at the beginning of February 2020, the main accused, a Syrian “refugee” (15 years old) who had attacked two German men (29, 35 years old) with a cutter knife and seriously injured them, was sentenced to five years juvenile sentence for attempted manslaughter. The two other accomplices, 19-year-old Ramin N. from Iran and 21-year-old Ali Sina M. from Afghanistan, were given the new-citizen privilege – only suspended sentences for grievous bodily harm.The Syrian splendid specimen, who came to Germany with his mother a few years ago and was “obviously severely traumatized” by the war, is not a blank sheet. With more than 130 criminal offences, the person seeking protection resp. repeat offender immortalized himself in the statistics. Mohammad D. was sentenced to two years and eight months imprisonment by the Gera District Court, but miraculously the Syrian passport turned up, which…

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