EU threatens Italy to allow migrants as crisis on Lampedusa brews

Allah's Willing Executioners

After having reached a record in migrant landings (19 194) on the Italian coasts from the beginning of the year to today, the EU warned that borders must be kept open.

In the same period last year there were 5 135 landings, but Rome also continues to deny the evidence and argues that “the migratory emergency does not exist”. Theentire southern Italy is being tormented by the arrival of immigrants and the first citizen of Lampedusa, Totò Martello called for the closure of the reception center due to the spread of the Coronavirus, reported the Italian dailyIl Giornale.

The governor of Sicily, for his part, has drawn attention to the health emergency on the island. But Rome said the ports must remain wide open and migrants continue to arrive. In the last 48 hours alone, more than a thousand migrants landed in Sicily.The reception center in Lampedusa was…

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