German court evicts elderly couple from home to accommodate refugees

Allah's Willing Executioners

A district court in Nürtingen, Germany, confirmed an eviction claim that orders an elderly pensioner couple from Neckartailfingen to move out by the end of the month because the local community wants to accommodate refugees in their apartment, Germans news outletWendlingen-Nürtinger Zeitungreported.

The 76-year-old man, who suffered a stroke last year, and his 73-year-old partner have to leave their six-room apartment, which they have been renting for 25 years. According to the court, which confirmed the eviction claim, accommodating refugees is more important than any other hardship.

“Since we received the notice of our eviction, our health has deteriorated,” says the elderly woman.

Although the couple will move to a two-room apartment, offered by the community as an alternative, going to the village will be extremely difficult for the 76-year-old man with a walker.

The couple says they feel left alone.

“We don’t know what happens next, and…

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