Black Trump supporter’s teeth knocked out by Antifa and BLM members at free speech rally, Twitter bans his account

Allah's Willing Executioners

Anderson posted a photo of what Antifa/BLM thugs did to him while he helped lead a free speech rally at Twitter headquarters.

During a free-speech rally in San Francisco, Black free speech activist Philip Anderson was attacked by Antifa and Black Lives Matter supporters as he protested outside the headquarters of Twitter. The incident resulted in Anderson having his two front teeth knocked out.

After having his teeth knocked out, Twitterbanned Anderson’s account from the network. Ironically, Anderson and his group were present at Twitter to protest censorship from the social media giant and its decision tocensorthe New York Post article about Hunter Biden’s emails and Joe Biden’s potential connection to Burisma energy company corruption.

Witnesses confirmed that the attack, which took place on late Saturday afternoon, was unprovoked and that Anderson was singled out for his free-speech activism.

“Antifa attacked me for no reason. These…

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