What’s Going On?

The Lone Cactus

We are one week from election day. That’s one more week of putting up with idiotic political ads that waste so much money it’s not even worth talking about. I’m so tired about seeing ads for both Biden and Trump, and Mark Kelly and Martha McSally for US Senate, I can’t see straight. But I have a question…

What in the world is going on?

Donald Trump is criss-crossing the country like a college kid on spring break. He’s holding rallies with 10,000 people showing up. Yesterday, he had events in Pennsylvania, hitting such notable places as Allentown, Johnstown, Lititz, and Martinsburg, spending the whole day in Pennsylvania. Joe Biden, meanwhile didn’t have any events scheduled anywhere.


Joe Biden, one week out from the election had absolutely zero events scheduled. When Bobo Obama spoke in Philadelphia this past week, his campaign said there were 300 cars. That was about…

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