What Is It With Trump And Phone Calls?

The Lone Cactus

I get it that Democrats want to twist the knife in Trump’s back right up to and probably after he’s left 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I can understand that. What I really can’t understand is why he helps them do it. He did it again over the weekend with an extremely stupid phone call to Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger. I mean, I get it that Trump isn’t a politician. That’s part of the reason he was elected in 2016 in the first place, but c’mon. This call was just plain stupid.

In case you missed it, and if you have it’s out there for you to listen to (it might help to get your favorite adult beverage to sip on while you listen), Trump called Raffensperger and basically at one point asked him to find some 11,000 votes. Now, there was an awful lot more in the phone call…

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