Sarah Palin for President…

…if not 2012, 2016. We need her. We didn’t need McCain and don’t need Romney!

Governor Sarah Palin keynote at Right Online 2012

Michelle Malkin speech at Right Online 2012 #RO12

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4 Responses to Sarah Palin for President…

  1. Redneck Woman says:

    I heard something the other day that has some people thinking that if this Convention in August is a brokered one or if all the delegates of the candidates are released to vote their conscience….perhaps Sarah just might jump in…..wouldn’t that just freak out the Lefties? The ones on the right who have even said they would never vote for her would be having fits! LOL! Now who would they vote for? Sarah or Obi? Or it would be such a delicious time if that were to happen!
    I and some others have been fighting with the Romney supporters on different blogs….we always seem to be told we have to vote for Romney, no matter how we feel about him….well…this would turn the tables some!

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  3. upaces88 says:

    I really like this woman! I respect her. She is an amazing speaker. That being said, I have also made note that she realllly reaches out and touches the hearts of millions — then she backs off.

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