Martial Law Apocalypse Now?

Martial Law Apocalypse Now? Obama Regime’s Desperate Plans to Stay in Power

Investigative Reporter Doug Hagmann expounds on the key info his DHS Insider Source recently shared that Homeland Security is preparing for a “massive civil war in this country, by making a purchase order for 450 Million Rounds of highly lethal Hollow Point Bullet’s for “Internal Consumption!”. Hagmann’s source revealed that in a recent high level meeting the powers that be are making contingency plans for keeping Obama in power by any means necessary including the kick off of a major war in the Middle East, setting off a “Race War” within the U.S. and/or continuing the unsound fiscal policies that are leading to the collapse of the global economic system.

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4 Responses to Martial Law Apocalypse Now?

  1. tthan43 says:

    It’s all about the haves and have nots. The have nots have a sponsor in the white house. The Muslim ghetto monkey has and will back every move of the have nots. He prays to alah, the god of the have nots.

  2. Redneck Woman says:

    He’s not playing with a full deck! To declare Martial Law will be declaring to meet with his “Special firing Squad” that each President has had…hand picked and assigned for this duty. He won’t have enough of his Army to withstand the millions who will fight for America. He will find it awfully hard to be the commander n’ chief of his little army, when he is travelling to Hades via a military bullet train. Congress, the Senate and the Judiciary will also be cleaned out from traitiors.
    Then it’ll be…on with the show…for a few years till the mess and the traitors to America are all cleaned out.

    • roymcdade says:

      I hope you are correct, But I really don’t think we have the luxury of time… soetero is positively on the Fast Track, but how far he will go with his plans leads me to believe is violence and imprisonment… with No Holds Barred….

  3. bydesign001 says:

    Good morning Bob. I have not received your email yet but I sent you one with my email address. Peace and blessings. D.

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