7 posts on BPI reblog 6/17 – 6/20/2013


BPI reblog


  1. Mama Grizzly on a Rant
  2. The SCOTUS Needs To GO DIE. Illegals Don’t Need No Stinking Citizenship To Drive/Vote In AZ
  3. Benghazi Murders – The Obama Way


  1. Government Snooping, ObamaCare and Abortion


  1. Yes Alice The “Sun”, that Fire Orb In The Sky, is Now Racist…. Mr. Tingles Said It Messed Up Dear Leader’s Teleprompters


  1. #Illegals Cost Americans GodZillions. But-Obama WH Says Illegal “Reform” Will Save Us $897 Billion
  2. VIDEO Sen Ted Cruz’s Scathing Message On Senate Floor to Obama: ‘Let Me Suggest a Simple Rule: Don’t Give Weapons to People Who Hate Us’

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