Opinions are like …


Well, you know the rest of it.

The first time I saw this scene, I thought, “Geez! This guy is crazy!” I just watched it again – just this scene – and started to weep because it’s exactly how I feel.

The news media – demon and death mongers that they are – miss no opportunity to barrage us with death numbers and infection numbers, and that it’s all Donald Trump’s fault. That he mishandled the situation and anybody off the street would have done a better job of handling this “virus from afar” (we’re not supposed to say it’s from China because – ya know – it’s from China and it’s xenophobic to say the truthful thing).

Among all the things he isn’t, President Trump is not a doctor. Nor is he a scientist. Nor does he have a degree in infectious diseases. He did what any president who…

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