Future Zombies. Rudolf Steiner 1923 Prophecy: A Vaccine to Sever the Spiritual Connection in Mankind (Videos)


Are Rudolf Steiner’s Warnings/’Prophecies’ About Vaccinations Coming True?

Introduction – Sept 14, 2021

Are sinister esoteric groups using the Covid vaccine for their own dark purposes? Nearly a century ago Christian esoteric researcher Rudolf Steiner warned that “criminal” esoteric groups would implement plans to paralyse humanities’ capacity for spiritual growth.

They would do this, Steiner warned, through “inoculations”.

Is this the reason behind the repeated calls to get vaccinated against Covid-19? After all, despite the media’s attempts to convince us otherwise, Covid-19 is only marginally more deadly than seasonal cold and flu. So why the drive to vaccinate everyone against it, and cripple the economy and day-to-day life in the process?

Is there a hidden agenda behind the vaccination program? Is this why the media repeatedly now…

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