Germany: Syrian apprentice in a kindergarten (35 years old) gropes four years old girl during her nap

Allah's Willing Executioners

In a kindergarten in the Müritzkreis district, a 35-year-old Syrian apprentice is said to have touched a four-year-old German girl in the buttocks area during her nap one and a half weeks ago. According to current investigations, the girl confided in her parents in the evening. The suspected assault was then first dealt with internally with the head of the institution. At the beginning of last week, the child’s father finally filed a complaint with the police.

The investigations by the Neubrandenburg criminal police into the suspected sexual abuse of children are at an early stage. As far as we know, the accused has been suspended. The Youth Welfare Office has been informed.

Further information will not be disclosed due to interests worthy of protection.

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