Obama’s muzzie buddies in St. Louis, Mo.

H/T Answering Muslims

Keep supporting Obama and his pro Muslim policies. His encouragement of Muslim immigration. Maybe you too can get a free tatoo by his immigrant buddies. I say no more Muslim immigration and deport all non U. S. citizen Muslims already here. This man had the Star of David carved by knife on his back. WTF?

Iraqi Immigrant Alaa Alsaegh Suffers Hate Crime in St. Louis

Of course, if this had been an anti-Muslim hate crime, you would have heard about it already.

Nonie Darwish–About a year ago, I posted an Arabic language poem titled “Tears at the Heart of the Holocaust” on my website, ArabsForIsrael.com. The poem expressed its Arab author’s love for the Jewish people and his mourning over what happened to them in the Holocaust. The brave poet, Mr. Alaa Alsaegh, is an immigrant to the US from Iraq, who now lives in Missouri. Such poems did not sit well with the Muslim community, which caused Mr. Alsaegh to be alienated from it. He received threats because of his support for the Jewish people, was called an infidel and a traitor to Islam, but he continued with his writing of poems and did not take the threats too seriously. Read more…

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5 Responses to Obama’s muzzie buddies in St. Louis, Mo.

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  3. JC says:

    My most sincere pleasure Bob…I cannot stop the flow of tears for what this man and his family are going through.

  4. JC says:

    There is a pastor in Iran about to be executed for being a Christian (he refuses to denounce the Messiah). I ask you where is the outcry for this man and his family? Where is the outcry for the sake of the ONE TRUE G_D of the Bible and the Torah? Get your knees and pray for this man and his family NOW. Where/What is this mans sin? We sit here in America and think it cannot happen here….but it does everytime there is an “honor” killing in the name of allah. Everytime there is a women denied her humanity in the name of allah. Everytime young boys are handed over to be molested in the name of allah. Everytime Isreal is accused of all manner of depravity/human rights violations in the name of allah. Everytime Isreal is threatened to be wiped from the face of the earth in the name of allah. Everytime a Somali is starved to death in the name of allah. Everytime a Coptic Church is burned in Egypt in the name of allah. Everytime girls are forbbiden to attend school in the name of allah. Everytime our soldiers are told they cannot defend themselves from those who are killing them in the name of allah. Everytime we allow our Christain heritage to be denied by those who would bow to this allah. Everytime a black person is killed in Libya (just because they are black) in the name of allah.Everytime we do not speak up/step up and defend our FAITH from those who would deny the Christ, we are allowing satan (allah) a foothold in our hearts.

    May I suggest you contact your representatives about this and ask them to so something for this man. IF we do not speak out for this man…who will speak for us when the time comes? Who among us faces death for what we believe? Who among us will silently accept this man’s plight? Will BHO/Lucifer speak/speak for this man? NO he is only interested in his relelection. Will Hilary stand/speak up for this man? NO she is too busy placating the muslim world (as her master has bid her do). Will Amensty International stand/speak up for this man? NO they are more concerned with how the US treats illegal immigrants in America.

    There is no one but you and me to stand with/speak up for this man and his family. Do we turn our backs on this man and allow the minions of allah to do the unspeakable once again? Or do WE do what is right in the sight of G_d and help deliver this man from the evil that now holds him and his family captive?

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